Advisements in Green living Magazine

The First Ad was redesigned for Allison Rand's ad for the magazine. She requested a lighter background color. For my design, I went with a white wood background. This made the ad appear cleaner and simpler than the previous design. The color for the text was chosen based on the smoothie colors to draw attention to the ad.

The Second Ad was also a resign. My boss asked me to create an ad for PurMaid that works for all occasions, since their ad ran every month and the previous was a Christmas ad. My vision was to make the ad appear clean, easy to read and to follow their website design. I chose to use their slogan on the ad, drawing in the attendance to continue reading the ad. Choosing less text and imagery also lets the design have breathing room and all aspects of the design complement each other.



The Third Ad  was created from scratch based on communicating with the client. The goal for this ad to have a better understanding of who the client is and what the ad is offering to the audience. I wanted to emphasize for motto and offer through the use of bright colors.

Illustrator • InDesign 

Greenliving Magazine • 2019

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Graphic Design | Photographer

Cassidy Albright

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