Clock, Nice Photo.png

EMPTY: Social Issue

The clock project had to be on a social issue. I chose; Child Hunger. The goal of the project was to make a functioning clock that represented the chosen topic and could only use one word to help convey the visual message. With research, I chose to focus my concept on this statistic:

Every 5 seconds, 1 child will die of hunger around the world.

The design created shows an abstracted Earth with 5 green puzzle pieces and 1 clear puzzle piece, which ties back into my statistic. I chose to use the have puzzle pieces with etched toys to represent a child. The clear puzzle piece is a moving second hand with the one word EMPTY etched on top.  The clear piece with empty, represents the emptiness in a parents heart of losing a child and the emptiness a child feels without food. 

Illustrator • InDesign • Printed • Acrylic