Location Project Photography

The requirement was to take three photographs defining an outdoor space for an imaginary client. 

My client is the DC Ranch Scottsdale Park. They envisioned showing off their beautiful park.

They wanted to convey that kids and adults can enjoy walking, playing and relaxing. My client wants their park to look different from other park photos and wants more people to visit. For the photos to stand out and show a unique perspective, I took a photo through a bush. This showcased the greenery and beauty of the park, leaving the audience wanting to know more, and potentially visit the location. The other two photos provide more detail about the space. 


iPhone 8 • Lightroom • Photoshop • 2020

Branding Blue C-07.png

Graphic Design | Photographer

Cassidy Albright

Albright_2 (1).jpg
Albright_3 (1).jpg