Design an Ad Project

An imaginary client asked to design an ad for a small project to sell. 

The small item I chose was my dog's dental toothbrush that he loves to get before bed. I came up with the idea to lay a mirror down on the floor because I enjoy seeing products reflection. The main idea was for the product to stand out over the animal thus why he is blurred in the background. He was still necessary for the photo to showcase him waiting for his toothbrush and that the product is for dogs. I added fun text to draw in the audience this way they would want to read more and buy these toothbrushes to freshen their dogs breath


iPhone 8 • Lightroom • Photoshop 

InDesign • 8.5 x 11 • 2020

Branding Blue C-07.png

Graphic Design | Photographer

Cassidy Albright